Still Building

Swan Hall

Swan Hall was one of three original buildings of the Eagle Rock campus. First conceived as a men's dormitory, Swan Hall was converted into faculty offices and seminar rooms during the building boom of the 1960-61 academic year. In 2012, Swan enters its third incarnation. Architect Brian R. Bloom retained the original exterior fabric of Myron Hunt's design, while retooling the existing 16,340-square-foot interior to resolve architectural quirks such as the offset floors between the building sections, as well as adding a 22,500-square-foot wing fafcing Alumni Avenue. The new Swan Hall will house seminar rooms, psychology labs, faculty offices and administrative spaces.

Swan Hall, 1915


Swan Hall a year after its construction in 1915, viewed from the central quadrangle with Alumni Avenue running into the distance at left.

A Class in North Swan


A class in progress seen through the windows of North Swan. The same three windows are seen at the lower right end of the building in the 1915 exterior shot.

Swan Hall Dormitory


This dormitory room in Swan Hall included an outdoor "sleeping porch" facing Alumni Avenue. The room can be located in the upper left far corner of the building, in the photo at right.

The Samuelson Alumni Center

The Samuelson Alumni Center at 1599 Camous Road is the new home for Alumni Relations. Designed by architect Craig Stoddard to echo the classic lines of Occidental's Myron Hunt buildings, it will house the Alumni Relations offices together with an outdoor patio, the Fiji Asesmbly Room on the first floor, four upstairs guest rooms and a kitchen. For many years the home of the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity (or the "Fijis"), three members with a distinguished record of service to the College - Morgan Odell '42, Bill White '47, and Jim Goss '51, all of whom died in 2010 - were among the Alumni Center's biggest advocates. The 8,000-square-foot building with red tile rood and white stucco walls will replace the old alumni office, a converted single-family home one block to the south.

Rendering of Renovated Swan Hall


Rendering by architect Brian R. Bloom of the renovated Swan Hall with new wing, as seen from the Gilman Fountain or Alumni Avenue.

Rendering of Samuelson Alumni Center

Rendering by architect Craig Stoddard of the new Samuelson Alumni Center at 1599 Campus Road

The Owl and Key Society at Occidental College


The home of the Owl and Key society, predecessor to Occidental's Omega Kappa chapter of Phi Gamma Delta, at the corner of Alumni Avenue and Campus Road. It was purchased in 1924 from the widow of Ralph Rodgers.

The Phi Gamma Delta house remodeling in 1955


The Phi Gamma Delta house was remodeled in 1958. 1599 Campus Road remained the home of the Fijis until the dissolution of the Omega Kappa chapter in 1970. The house was converted into a women's residence, and was formally dedicated as a Women's Center in 1990.