The Oxy United for Black Liberation Collection documents the student activism leading up to and during the Occupation of the AGC Administration Building in the fall of 2015. The collection comprises photographs; screenshots of social media pages & postings; videos of events and news coverage; and texts of student speeches.  It is organized into First Rally, Occupation of AGC, and Videos. 

Much of the materials were assembled by student activists in the Fall 2015 course "Culture and Community," (CTSJ 320) with Professor Donna Maeda in the Critical Theory and Social Justice Department. The materials were compiled by Aaliyah Davis, Class of 2017(*), along with further interviews, as part of her research in the Summer 2016 Undergraduate Research Program. Ms. Davis and her faculty mentor Professor Donna Maeda contributed the materials to the College Archives to be held in perpetuity and made openly accessible online.  In Summer 2018, the online repository and website were designed and the Collection was processed, items described and uploaded by Special Collections & College Archives staff: Ronnie Doss and Rodina Mohamed, class of 2020, Anne Mar and Dale Ann Stieber.

The "History of Equity and Diversity at Occidental College" project was started by a small group of socially conscious students and faculty under the direction of Professor Donna Kay Maeda in 2014.  With access to the College Archives, the students assume the role of “activist archivists,” as they research and document the history of diversity at Occidental in order to better evaluate its presence today. 

(*) Aaliyah Davis is formerly known as Olivia Davis.

Please note: this online website and repository is a work in progress with materials to be added. (as of 10/19/2018)