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This project explains how programs at Occidental College were implemented and institutionalized. The map and timeline showcases the formation of four programs: the Intercultural Community Center (ICC), the Center for Gender Equity (CGE), the Multicultural Summer Institute (MSI), and Project SAFE (which stands for Sexual Assault Free Environment). The intention of work is to provide future organizers guidance on how to ensure stability of new resources. By looking at past organizing strategies and events, we can build upon old knowledge rather than starting anew. If you would like to contribute to this project please contact Occidental College Special Collections and College Archives.

Interactive Map and Timeline


From June to August of 2017, Alma Olavarría Gallegos was funded by the Undergraduate Research Office to research the formation of institutional programs that aim to support historically oppressed populations. Working closely with Special Collections and College Archives and the Center for Digital and Liberal Arts, Alma aimed to preserve the information she collected and her research findings online for future use.