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Women's Center Proposal - March 15, 1990

This is a proposal that was submitted to President Slaughter asking for the creation of a Women's Resource Center and residential space at 1599 Campus Road.

Women's Resource Center, Project SAFE Prepare for Move by Sara Hamilton - Oct 19, 2007

Announces the move of the Women's Resource center from 1599 Campus Road to Stewie basement. Also speaks about how Project S.A.F.E. is moving to Stewie.

Irvine Grant - October 2000

This is a copy of the proposal submitted to the Irvine Foundation. The money was to be used for a new Diversity Initiative, which included remodeling the MRC.

Oxy Slow on Culture by Christopher Konzelman - Nov 4, 1988

This article details the process of fixing the space for the MRC and hiring student workers.

Task Force Formed by Elisa Del Rosario - June 1982

This report describes the formation of the Ad Hoc Committe on Minority Issues and its purpose.

Proposal for Ad Hoc Committee on Ethnic Minority Issues, To: President GIlman, From: Dean England - Jan 25, 1982

This exchange of memos is kept in the Presidents files. It shows Dean England writing to President Gilman about the potential formation of the Ad Hoc Committee. Dean England attaches the proposal written by Arthe Anthony and Jim Montoya for the Ad…