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Don't Call Us 1601: Women's Center Looks for Its Niche by Julie Lenard - April 7, 2004

Highlights work done by the Women's Center and it's goals while showing the lack of campus awareness about the resource.

Students Attempt to Salvage Multicultural Summer Institute by Eric Hubbard - April 1, 2004

Describes changes to MSI that shorten it from four weeks long to two and reduce the number of students from 50 to 25. Outlines why these changes are being proposed and advocates for other solutions.

Office of Student Life Drastically Expands by Robert Wallace - Sept 17, 2003

OSL introduces new positions and programs, one of which is Project SAFE.

Minority Faculty Committee by Jim Montoya - Jan 1980

This article describes the Minority Caucus and the reasons for its formation. It illustrates the conversations happening during the time.

Summer Bridge Program Improved by Kristina Kvien and Kathryn Zirbel - Oct 10, 1986

Describes the Bridge program and announces Gilmans approval for funding the program.

The Trouble With Oxy by Mona Gable- Feb 10, 2015

This article follows activists, administration, and faculty during and after the investigations of Occidental College in regards to its compliance to Title IX and the Clergy Act.

Sexual Assault Policy at Occidental, an Email from President Veitch- March 5, 20113

The email speaks about a report of sexual assault that was made a week prior and led to coverage by the local news. President Veitch notifies the school as to why they were not notified about the report and also outlines future steps.
He mentions…

Proposal for "Oxy Cares" - Due March 28, 2013

This is a proposal to strengthen Occidental Colleges programs, resources, and training relating to matters of sexual assault, dating violence, stalking, and domestic violence. The proposal includes an ask for funding of the position for Project…

Women's Center/ House Issues - April 5, 1999

This email update was sent to the women who lived in the Women's Center / House to notify them that 1501 Campus Rd was being considered as a potential new location for the Faculty and Alumni Center. It emphasis that the students will be notified as…

Women's Coalition - Nov 27, 1999

Email that advertises the Women's Coalition and its programs in order to recruit students. It includes that it can serve as a lifeline for the Women's Center and has a line in the budget from VP of Student Services.