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"From The Desk of Alice Y. Hom" - 2004, Intercultural Community Center Newsletter Volume III Issue 3

Alice Hom reports some of what has been going on in the Intercultural Community Center. The college has institutionalized the Director position at the ICC and has approved the request to extend the Irvine Foundation Grant for another year.…

"MSI Comes Under the Intercultural Community Center" - 2005, Intercultural Community Center Newsletter Volume IV Issue 3

This newsletter talks of the Multicultural Summer Institute. After announcing that the MSI has been moved under the Intercultural Community Center, the program is described in depth.

Proposal To Establish A Multicultural Center At Occidental College- June 3, 1988

This proposal was drafted and submitted to President Gilman by a committee of nine students and William Estrada, the Committee Advisor. It describes plans to turn Sepia house, 1501 Campus Rd, into a Multicultural Resource Center that can act as a…

"Bell Young Undergoes Cultural Renovation" by Lisa Cahn - May 27, 1988, The Occidental Weekly

The Occidental Weekly published an article describing the plans for Bell Young to be used as a Multicultural Hall next year.

Included is a discussion the plans for the off campus houses, which were previously cultural houses. One house will be…

"Multicultural Center Receives Approval" by David Allison- Sept 23, 1988, The Occidental Weekly

This article describes the need for a Multicultural Resource Center after the creation of a Multicultural Dorm. It outlines how the proposal for the center was originally encouraged, who worked on the proposal, and how President Slaughter accepted…

Oxy Slow on Culture by Christopher Konzelman - Nov 4, 1988

This article details the process of fixing the space for the MRC and hiring student workers.

Irvine Grant - October 2000

This is a copy of the proposal submitted to the Irvine Foundation. The money was to be used for a new Diversity Initiative, which included remodeling the MRC.