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Women's Resource Center, Project SAFE Prepare for Move by Sara Hamilton - Oct 19, 2007

Announces the move of the Women's Resource center from 1599 Campus Road to Stewie basement. Also speaks about how Project S.A.F.E. is moving to Stewie.

Don't Call Us 1601: Women's Center Looks for Its Niche by Julie Lenard - April 7, 2004

Highlights work done by the Women's Center and it's goals while showing the lack of campus awareness about the resource.

Women's Center/ House Issues - April 5, 1999

This email update was sent to the women who lived in the Women's Center / House to notify them that 1501 Campus Rd was being considered as a potential new location for the Faculty and Alumni Center. It emphasis that the students will be notified as…

Women's Coalition - Nov 27, 1999

Email that advertises the Women's Coalition and its programs in order to recruit students. It includes that it can serve as a lifeline for the Women's Center and has a line in the budget from VP of Student Services.